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National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs
Oct 11, 2010

Dear colleagues,

The National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) Standard, Training and Certification Committee is pleased to announce the completion of a draft set of national standards for entry-to-practice training programs for interpreters in healthcare.

These proposed standards were drafted over the past 18 months, based on extensive background research, with input from the project’s expert Advisory Group and over 600 interpreters in focus groups around the country. The standards were designed to address the essential components of entry-to-practice training programs of various lengths and in various settings. However, before we finalize them, we want to get the most important feedback of all — yours.

So we have designed an on-line survey that will allow you to read the proposed standards and provide input on them. Each part of the survey focuses on a section or subsection of the standards. The questions will focus on whether you think the standard should be included, whether it is complete and whether it is clearly written.

Since the Standards themselves are fairly long, you may want to print them first so that you can refer to them as you take the survey. You can find a printable version of the draft Standards at You can also easily toggle back and forth between pages of the survey, if that is more convenient.

The on-line survey is available at and will be open until October 29. If you lose this link, you can find it again on the NCIHC website at Please log on now and give us your feedback. And encourage all your staff and colleagues who work in healthcare interpreting to complete it, too!

Thank you for your participation and your support. Your feedback is crucial to ensure that the National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs are appropriate, functional, and comprehensive.

Karin Ruschke
Co-Chair, Standards, Training and Certification

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